Bump and Spin on the Bumper Cars!

These aren’t those “days of old” bumper cars — these new and improved versions have hand-held controls that allow you to bump and spin 360 degrees! Remember to watch out behind you! Don’t get stuck in the corner! You’ll want to bump, spin, and have a blast! Experience mind-spinning action in a safe, but thrilling, arena. These electric bumper cars allow you to steer for total control of your vehicle, but it’s harder than it looks — but it is just as fun!

Bumper cars are the only place where bad driving is encouraged, and thank goodness for that, so take advantage of it. The most exciting part about it? Kids can drive! For many children, this is their first time behind the wheel, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t love it as much, if not more, than the adults. Enjoy the thrill of plowing into other kids in bumper cars while riding with your family. The amusement of safely driving, however recklessly, is truly controlled chaos at its finest. You are capable of driving these safe and sturdy vehicles around our rink, making memories with your friends and family. Come try our bumper cars in Fort Collins today!