Not Your Traditional Lock and Key Escape Room

Our escape rooms are awesome for those who are up for a challenge. Once beginning the game, you are transported to a different world with our immersive and themed missions. If you’re unfamiliar with escape rooms, the objective is to find clues and codes hidden around the room and to solve puzzles that will help you ‘escape’. Strategic thinking, teamwork, cooperation, patience, and problem-solving are skills that will definitely come in handy when stepping into our escape rooms. Work together and take risks with your friends, family, co-workers, and friends to solve puzzles, find clues, and save the day! If you want to participate in a unique experience that makes you feel like you’re living in a movie, call us today to book an escape room. Our escape rooms are great for jumping out of your comfort zone and into adventure! 

Pharaoh’s Revenge

You and your team of archaeologists are digging up Egyptian artifacts near the Valley of Kings. Upon returning from a supply run, you notice your team is lying outside the dig site, barely alive. Have they been cursed? Poisoned? Are they sick? It’s up to you and your team to figure it out and save them before it’s too late. By working together, your group must uncover clues, examine ancient Egyptian artifacts, and uncover the secrets of the Pharaoh. Keep an eye out for hidden clues and keys that will help you solve riddles and save your team. After all, you don’t want to end up like the rest of the archaeologists you found outside the dig site. 

This experience is great for groups of 2-10 people and is easy to moderate. Don’t let the word ‘easy’ fool you — there is only a 55% success rate of escaping.


The submarine you’re a crew member on is sinking — and fast. Water begins flooding the submarine and the captain is stranded on the other side of the ship. The fate of the submarine and your crew is now in your hands. It is up to you to fix the situation and save your crew members by sealing all the doors as quickly as you can. You don’t want to find out what happens if you fail. Do you have the strength and courage that it takes to prevent an entire submarine from sinking? This escape room is ideal for groups between 3-10 people but prepared for a challenge because this escape room is meant to be hard with a 30% success rate.

What Is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms require creative thinking, teamwork, cooperation, speed, and deductive reasoning. Not only do they make for a great family activity, but they are perfect for corporate team-building. Whether you’re with friends, family, or co-workers, you’ll have to work closely with others to discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish the common goal of escaping the room. Escape rooms are safe and fun for children and adults alike, but do vary in difficulty and mission. Escape rooms aren’t meant to be scary or dark, but exciting and adventurous instead. Although they might be challenging, they’re supposed to be fun! 

Your average escape room is usually inspired by a theme or mission, utilizing decor and props that match the theme to make the activity more interactive and intense. You and your group will get to choose your mission and be instantly transported into that scenario. These rooms are designed to make you feel like you’re actually trapped somewhere, so you must use your smarts and skills to escape. Once you begin the challenge, you and your team of three to 10 people will usually only have an hour to find the clues and escape. Anything you look at could be a clue, so look carefully and think critically, but most importantly, think fast — the timer starts once you enter the room. 

Once in the room, don’t worry about actually being trapped or locked in! You can leave the room at any time to get some air, go to the bathroom, or just take a break from the challenges. There are also staff members watching over every group within the escape room to answer any questions, explain any rules, help you throughout the game, and make sure no one gets hurt. If you don’t find all the clues before your time is up, nothing bad will happen — you’ll just be released from the room. Even if you don’t solve the mission in time, you are guaranteed to have a blast bonding with your friends and teammates by working together. 

Why It’s Perfect for Corporate Team Building

When embarking on a new adventure where you’re faced with the task of solving a puzzle and saving your team, you need to be surrounded by people who are hardworking, team-oriented, and can work towards accomplishing a common goal. That’s why escape rooms make for the perfect team-building exercise and why your co-workers are ideal candidates in helping you accomplish an escape room mission. Take your corporate team building exercises to the next level by letting Fort Fun host them for you in our escape rooms! 

Not only is this approach less expensive than most corporate retreats, but it’s so much fun and offers a unique twist on getting to know who you work with. Escape rooms create a space that not only encourages teamwork but almost exclusively relies upon the power of teamwork and cooperation to ‘escape’. This team building exercise creates and fosters team bonding and co-workers relationships. During your escape room mission, you can expect to improve your team’s communication skills, strengthen members’ interpersonal relationships with others in the office, and build their problem-solving skills. Your staff’s potential is endless. Escape rooms are an innovative and great way to:

  • Play as hard as they work
  • Develop and foster problem-solving skills
  • Strengthen relationships between management and staff
  • Improve goal-setting and performance

Even if your team doesn’t solve the case and escape the room before the 60 minutes are up, they will have enjoyed themselves and gotten to know each other in a new way through a fun and interactive experience. 

These escape rooms are great for corporate and team-building activities. We can host events of up to 2,000 people at our 14-acre facility that includes a restaurant and full bar.

A Brief History of Escape Rooms

If this is your first time hearing about escape rooms, you’re probably not alone. In the past couple of years, the concept of escape rooms has made its way into popular culture and media, spreading around the country and even the world. Hedge mazes and corn mazes are an early example of people escaping for entertainment, but the concept of being physically trapped might be accredited to digital games.

Escape rooms originated from escape games where players would be trapped in virtual rooms, having to uncover clues in order to escape. John Wilson, one of the earliest influencers of the “escape-the-room” genre and the creator of the text-based adventure, “Behind Closed Doors”, required players to enter text commands to get out of a bathroom. The most attributed game that is said to have inspired the modern-day version of escape rooms, however, began with “Crisom Room” by Toshimitsu Takagi. Released in 2004, the game required players to navigate around a small, red room and decide what actions to take to help them escape.

The first ever escape room was created in 2007 in Japan by Takao Kato, who opened Real Escape Room. It proved to be a popular concept and escape rooms spread throughout the world to places like San Francisco, Singapore, and Switzerland. The global population became entranced with the live-action puzzle, and now it can even be found on some Royal Caribbean cruise ships. 

If you’re interested in challenging yourself, book an escape room or participate in the tons of fun games and entertainment experiences that we have for you to take advantage of. Call us today for more information, or come visit our location and experience our escape rooms, mini-golf, laser tag, bumper boats, batting cages, and arcade. Create unforgettable memories with us here at Fort Fun!