We’ve all been stuck at home for upwards of nine months now, and many of us are now used to this new normal that living through a pandemic has brought on. Many people are used to their new routines and have adjusted to the standard of staying at home. Families who didn’t expect to still be stuck at home with their kids may be at a loss with keeping them entertained while still wanting to play it safe. With the holidays around the corner, or already here, depending on your mindset, there is still plenty to do! Keep reading for family activities to do at home, ones that are sure to be as fun for you as they are for your kids. If you have any questions about when our family fun center in Fort Collins will reopen or questions about safety measures we will take when we do, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Fort Fun!


Camp Out (Or In)

Camping is one of the many things that are just a little bit more difficult when you involve kids. But, when it’s in your living room or backyard — which you may not want to do with the weather — it’ll be one of the easiest ways to entertain your kids for a full day. For the full experience, break out your tent and the sleeping bags so you can at least imitate the feel of a camping trip in the comfort of your home. Some of the actual elements of a camping trip, however, may be hard to replicate.  

While a campfire is always fun, but will not really be safe or practical when you’re camping indoors, you can still make s’mores inside, whether it is in your fireplace, over a gas stove, or even in the microwave! If anything, you can set up your TV or your laptop to play a virtual fire while your family gathers around and tells ghost stories. This could also be a great excuse to make an easy dinner — after all, you’re “camping” — or, you can make the dinner as big as you want it to be. Since you’re not really leaving your house, it’s all up to you in creating your camping experience. 


Clean the House Together

Your kids won’t like this one as much! But, since you’re all home together, and may not have much else to do, it is a great way to spend a day doing something that will benefit all of you. Plus, a Harvard study that spanned 75 years found that people who did chores as kids were more likely to become healthy, independent adults. It’s also a perfect opportunity to teach your kids how to take care of and maintain the things that they will one day own!


Decorate for the Holidays

No matter what you celebrate, this time at home is the perfect way to get ready for your at-home celebrations and festivities. Decorating is actually a ton of fun, and can make your time at home a little more special, simply because you’ve decorated. A huge bonus is making the decorations yourself by following DIY tutorials, which will surely be a great way to bond with your kids. Not to mention, the crafts you make with your kids are going to crafts that you hold on to for years.


Start a Container Garden

Since it’s winter and the cold doesn’t allow for an outdoor garden, you will need to opt for a container garden that can rest on windowsills or even on your kitchen counter. The easiest and most rewarding plants for an indoor garden are culinary herbs or leafy salads that are great for cooking and garnishing. From seed, you can try parsley, chives, rosemary, and arugula. If you’re looking for something low maintenance, then try these methods below: 

  • Regrowing green onions. It’s as simple as saving the bulbs, and the attached roots, and placing them in water. Change the water at least once a week.
  • Growing your own avocado tree. Save the avocado pit of an avocado you’ve eaten, clean and peel the outer layer of the seed, wrap the seed in a damp paper towel, put the paper towel in a plastic bag, and leave it in a warm place for a couple of weeks. A root will start to form, and that’s when you can place the seed in water, without fully submerging it, for the stem to grow.
  • Make your sweet potato your favorite plant! This is the easiest one and by far the most fun. All you need to do is wash your sweet potato and place it in water! Don’t fully submerge the sweet potato, you only need half of it to be submerged. Nothing will happen for about a month, but then you’ll start to see an intricate root system grow out the bottom while the top starts to grow vines.  


Build an Obstacle Course

Using old cardboard boxes to make tunnels and holes, string to make lasers to duck under and step over, and chairs and pillows to zig-zag between and jump over. Take turns doing the obstacle course and time each other to see who can do it the fastest without touching any of the course boundaries and materials. 


Get Cooking

With the holidays approaching, now is a great time to get cooking with your kids. It doesn’t have to be anything too complex, and can be aligned with your child’s skill level. You can get your kids to help you make pie crust, biscuits, cookies, or really anything else that you are working on. Cooking not only makes them feel more confident in the kitchen, which is helpful as they get older and start to cook for themselves, but it also helps them build confidence in themselves as they see their creation finalized at the end of the recipe!


Make a Time Capsule

Fill a box or some kind of container with special trinkets, photos, memories, or even notes that represent your current life. Decorate the box and place it somewhere where you aren’t tempted to open it every time you see it, and maybe you even forget about it for a while. This will undoubtedly be very interesting to look at in a couple of years, not that we will forget this year anytime soon!  

There are plenty of more activities that you can do with your kids and your family during this time. While there is still plenty of uncertainty around when life will go back to normal, there are many things we can still find joy, happiness, and gratitude in. Being safe with family is a bigger blessing than we may think, and maybe staying at home isn’t too bad if it means being around people you love. 


Fort Fun is looking forward to reopening and seeing all of our Fort Collins families again! Until then, however, we hope that everyone stays safe and has a great holiday season! Reach out today to learn more about when we may reopen and our commitment to health and safety.