A State-of-the-Art Adventure!

Experience the rush with this state-of-the-art adventure skill game. Journey through our multilevel galactic arena to find your niche to play the game! Whether you are a “newbie” or a veteran tagger, the fast-paced contest will capture your attention and get your heart pounding. Who can score the most points? Who will be the next victor?

If you’re new to laser tag, don’t be discouraged, it’s all about practice and strategy. If you are looking to impress your friends, family, or coworkers, then here are some tips to remember while you’re in the arena. But remember, stay safe, don’t hurt yourself, and don’t hurt anyone else. 

  1. Keep Moving – The worst thing you can do in the arena is stand still — it’s much easier to hit a still target than a moving one. If you are strategizing with a teammate, then choose a spot that is secluded and out of sight from everyone else. Other than that, keep on the move and stay on the lookout!
  2. Wear Dark Clothes – The only illumination is from the course itself, and from the UV lights that will illuminate any white and light clothing. To stay out of sight, you’ll want to avoid light-colored clothing — but wear clothes that are comfortable. 
  3. Understand the Course – Learn as much about the course as possible before starting the game. Scout out a location that has excellent vantage points (areas that allow you to see most of the course) as well as possible rest spots. If you know the course, nothing will surprise you. 
  4. Walk Sideways – Walking sideways will give you the greatest protection, and will allow you to see more of your surroundings. 
  5. Rapid Fire – Rapid firing in the general direction of your opponents’ sensors is a surefire way of getting more points than taking the time to line up the shot, as they will probably be out of sight by the time you get your aim. 

For more information, contact Fort Fun. Come try our laser tag in Fort Collins today!