What is Fort Fun Premier Rewards?

Premier Rewards is our tiered membership program that gives you the ability to earn “Play Points” with every purchase.

Members can receive Play Points through any purchase made at Fort Fun or from our web store. Earn play points on every purchase and use them to redeem rewards available rewards of your choice. Each purchase also moves you closer to the next tier, which come with increasing benefits.

How does it work?

  • Members earn play points with every purchase, earning even more points per each dollar spent as they move into higher tiers.
  • Play Points can be used to redeem available rewards or members can save them for redemption at a later date. Examples of rewards includes a go-kart ride, a fun pass, a round of mini golf, a large pizza, etc. A list of rewards and their Play Point value can be found here.
  • Members may receive surprise rewards from Fort Fun.
  • Annual spend determines status
    • Premier Rewards Signature Member
    • Premier Rewards Elite Member (achieved upon earning 2100 Play Points)
    • Premier Rewards VIP Member (unlocked by annual fee of $49.99)